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Wool Carpet Malabar
Fine Weave Carpet

So you have taken the plunge and decided to keep your feet nice and warm and install a carpet. That was the easy bit now you need to decide on colour, texture and style. Carpeting your home needn’t be boring. beige and tan colours may be synonymous with carpets however manufacturers are getting more inventive in introducing a touch of style. Take for example greys, grey has been one of the most requested colours especially when it comes to flooring. The trick with dark colours is to compliment the furnishing and paint so that works together.

Another stylish carpet is fine weave. The trick here is to buy a good quality carpet, as a cheap fine carpet will look tired and wear quickly. Fine weave carpets give a clean look to the floor, with sharp lines and lend themselves well to a contemporary design.

Velvet or Velour carpets are back in fashion, once the defacto carpet for the wealthy. A good quality velvet carpet is a wilton woven carpet and our choice would be 100% wool. Velvet carpets will give shading to the carpet which is simialr to the effect suede does when the grain is pushed against its natural direction.

Other styles to look out for include using a mix of fibres such as wool and Goats hair and wool and sisal which can give a very natural look to the floor.

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