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Carpet Maintenance Instructions


Your carpet is an investment and it will last longer with proper care and maintenance. Here are helpful tips and guidelines to help your carpets looking its best.


Care, Protect and Prolong:

Protect your carpet with Intec, the environmentally friendly stain protection solution.

When ordering your flooring simply ask to have your flooring protected with Intec. Most of our plant fibre floor coverings have a degree of stain resistance but some, like Jute and Sisal, are more prone to marking from water and other liquids. For this reason we advise you to opt for INTEC stain inhibition treatment on your new floor covering, which we’ll take care of before it’s delivered (with Jute products this comes as standard at no extra cost). INTEC is suitable for all our products and works by coating every fibre in a polymer shield, which reduces the impact of spills.

Use a good entry doormat will help to control the amount of dirt tracked in.

Vacuum regularly using a suction only appliance.

Added protection of a castor chair is recommended if using chairs fitted with castors.

Frequent movement of castors can damage the fibres of the flooring.


Life’s little accidents

Tackle spills as quickly as possible when they do occur. Use a clean white cloth or kitchen paper to soak up the liquid. We also stock a Care and Cleaning Kit. This includes a specially developed cleansing solution, together with applicators and full instructions on how to deal with spills.

General rules:

• Take proper steps immediately.
• Dry the stain as quickly as possible.
• Remove solid substances using a knife or spoon, working from the outside Towards the centre of the stain, always observing the fibre direction.
• Try, first, to remove the stain by using a shampoo greatly diluted with some lukewarm water.

Important Notes:

• Don’t drench the carpet (not in one particular spot either).
• After treatment cover the wet spots with a good absorbent white cloth or tissue. • A heavy object has to be placed on top of the covered spot.
• If the cloth or tissue gets too wet, remove and replace with either a dry cloth or a piece of absorbent paper. Under no circumstances may anyone walk on that part of the carpet which has been treated until it’s completely dry.